Sharp 80: Getting Started

Sharp 80 is designed to be powerful but easy to get stated with the basics.

Tape System

After you download and install the emulator, you'll see this screen:

If you see complicated technical information on the right side of the screen, you can hide it with the F5 key.

The simplest way to get started is to boot into cassette basic. Just hit F8 and you'll get to the startup prompt:

Hit ENTER twice to get to the BASIC READY prompt. Try typing and running this program:

To stop the program, hit the ESC key (this simulates TRS-80 BREAK key).

Learn more about creating BASIC programs:

Disk System

To start with a floppy disk, first go to the floppy manager by hitting the F3 key. Hit the 0 (zero) key to go to the Drive 0 screen:

There's a built-in way to load TRSDOS (the main Model III disk operating system). Just hit the T key when the drive 0 screen is showing. (If you started in cassette only you may be prompted to reset the emulator.)

Hit F8 to start, and you'll be in TRSDOS:

You can load floppies in other drives (1 - 3) and run programs. Or use floppies from the included software library.