Sharp 80: Screenshots

Here are some examples of what the emulator can do. All screen shots are from software included in the download. Sharp 80 will also run other Model III applications that are on virtual TRS-80 Model III disks.

If you are the copyright holder of any of these programs and would like me to stop bundling these in the library, please contact me.


TRSDOS was the disk operating system that came with the Model III.

Hit the F5 key to show or hide advanced information to the right:


Starting the computer without a floppy in the drive takes you directly to BASIC:

Super Utility Plus

This was renouned as the most powerful tool for analyzing floppy disks.


One of the original first-person perspective games. A great puzzle adventure. Asylum I and II are included.

13 Ghosts

A fun shooter, one of my favorites.

Zork I, II and III

A trilogy of groundbreaking classic text adventures.

Dancing Demon

It just doesn't get any better than this.

Note: This is a BASIC file. Boot the TRSDOS disk, enter BASIC. After BASIC starts, enter LOAD "DDEMON/BAS" and enjoy.