Sharp 80"

Find the Best Deals on the Sharp 80" Aquos LED LCD TV

Sharp 80" Aquos LED LCD TV

Click for the best price on the Sharp 80" AquosJust when you thought it was safe to go into the living room, the monster-sized Sharp 80" Aquos has arrived.

That's right, 80 inches of Sharp television screen, that's over almost 7 FEET, yes, about as tall as Lebron James, 80 inches is about to hit living rooms across the world, in the form of the Sharp 80" Aquos LC-80LE632U. The size of this  monster LED is so big it's difficult to fathom it on the paltry little screen of the laptop I'm writing on, or on your Iphone, so Sharp's released the picture below to try and give some perspective.

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The picture shows the Sharp 80" in comparison to the popular Sharp 55" class of televisions. Actually, I have to say even this pic doesn't do it justice, as the Sharp 80" is more than double the size of the 55" Sharp tv.

In case you were curious, the Sharp 80” Aquos is now the very first 80” LED LCD television in the world. And speaking of Lebron James, assuming the NBA lockout ends some time in the future, with this Sharp Aquos you are literally going to think Lebron is right in your living room. In fact, my guess is that this television will have you ducking his sweat!

Also, in case you were wondering, the Sharp 80” beast comes in at a whopping 131 pounds. Well, whopping for those of you who don’t know life before digital tvs. Back in the day-which wasn’t all that long ago-pretty much even the 32” tv sets weighed that much.

Anyway, though I know a lot of you out there should be able to lift a ‘mere’ 132 pounds, but because of the sheer bulk of this television, it’s probably a good idea to get someone else to help you lift up the Sharp 80” hdtv.

Sharp 80 LC-80LE632U LED LCD TV Features
This television comes with Smart TV. What is Smart TV, you ask? Well, it’s a smooth, simplified way of delivering streaming video from services such as Netflix, CinemaNow or Vudu, as well as custom Internet content.

Sharp also has one of the best LEDs on the market, with its Ultrabrilliant LED System, and that’s part of this television’s package.

Also adding to the picture quality is the 120 Hertz Fine Motion Enhanced picture system and the super Sharp Full 1080 pixel X-Gen HD LCD Panel. Combined with the Ultrabrilliant, and the crack about Lebron being in your living room becomes a reality, as the screen has advanced control over the pixels to minimize light leakage.

The package really makes for excellent picture quality, even when in those fast scenes where some other televisions tend to blur or lose quality.

And gamers, don’t you fret! The Sharp 80” Aquos has something for you to, in Sharp’s Vyper Drive, a game setting that cuts down on that annoying lag time that happens with some game graphics.

Finally, Sharp’s 80 inch comes Wi-Fi ready to go.

All in all, Sharp has really outdone themselves with this television. But, expect to pay about $5,500 for this baby to be the envy of the neighborhood. Good luck if you’re Sharp’s competition, because you really have a long way to go to get up to speed with the Sharp 80” Aquos.