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I had my cousin write this post for me about the Sharp 70" LED TV, which he just bought:

Hey cousin, I just bought myself the biggest tv of my life, the Sharp 70" LED TV. Got it just last week. It's a television my father never could even have dreamed of in his day, back when they were made with the old vacuum tubes. (Did you even know that's where the term 'boob tube' gets its name from?)

So, anyway, when I first saw how expensive this monster was, I really had my doubts. It's not often that you draw on the home equity line, so it's really, really REALLY got to be worth it. But the picture looked great in the show room, all the reviews were stellar, so I knew that if I was going to pull the trigger on a big HDTV, this was the right one.

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So I did it! I ordered myself the Sharp 70" LED TV, right off the internet. I have to admit, I was all pumped up, and even a little nervous, making a purchase that big-and over the internet, no less. It's like it's not even real. (But you know it's real when you look at the bank account!)

And I have to tell you, this thing is awesome! I am so happy I went ahead with the purchase. I set it up in my man cave in the basement, and it fits perfectly. I put it on top of one of those modern tv stand style electric fireplaces. It takes up a good portion of the wall, and it's soooooooo great!

My favorite thing to do with my Sharp 70" LED TV is watch hockey. The large HDTV was MADE for hockey. Before, it was always kind of annoying, because you really couldn't follow that little puck as it sped around the rink, but now it's like watching a different sport, that's how different it is. My guess is that hockey's popularity will increase quite a bit, since now the casual fan can really get into it.

I also like to do a little gaming here and there, and I have to say, zombies never looked so scary! Sometimes, in fact, it's a little TOO real. I wonder how the new Call of Duty is going to look on it. Can't wait to get it, but I'm seriously thinking it may be TOO bloody, and too real. I really don't want to feel like I'm in an actual war zone, at least when it comes to injuries.

There's really nothing bad to be said about this Sharp television. It has met and exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The setup was simple. Of course, like other big televisions, you need to have someone around to help get it up on the stand, since it's so bulky and a bit awkward to move around.


Hey Vince, Just thought I'd update you on the status of my new, super bad Sharp 70" LED TV. The honeymoon period is definitely still on. The glow and luster has not worn off.

The picture is great. I actually overcome my fear of fiddling with the settings, and started experimenting, and was quite surprised to find that I could increase the picture quality. Seems that the pre-sets are what you would call 'compromise' settings. Since picture quality is affected by the light in the room, you can always improve the quality via the settings, which I did. Also, you can always start over again by going to back to the presets.

I haven't really found anything yet that I have any concerns about. The sound is better than I expected, too. I had heard that with these big TVs, the speakers never measured up to the picture quality itself, but I'm not finding that to be true. Of course, I use my Sharp 70" LED TV mostly for sports and Comedy Central, so it's not like I really care about that so much. Also, I never was one of those audiophiles who liked to make the room shake, or feel like you're actually at the movie house, so I might not be the best person to comment on this.

And yes, I now agree that I could have gotten a much better deal. I'm sorry I didn't go with your recommendations, OK?

Bottom line: the Sharp 70" LED TV was worth every penny.